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Episode 4: Open For Business! July 21, 2009

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Argh!  The title is misleading, since Audacity slammed us closed four times today. 😦  But, we finally got a (short) podcast recorded, and have sucessfully uploaded it!  We’re pretty annoyed, since we had what we thought was a very comprehensive show….  Ah, well.


So!  Today’s show!  MaddieHatter got her CYCA packet in the mail last week!  After we recorded Episode 3, she went home and Ta-daaa!  The UPS guy showed up with a package containing a VERY large binder full of class materials!  Hoorah!  This means that we can start!  Tomorrow (July 22, 2009), we’ll be making a trip to Knit Las Vegas to get some wool to start our swatching projects.  RedQueen has been lurking on the TKGA boards, and on the Ravelry forums, looking for helpful tips before she starts the Masters, and has learned two things:

1)  Do the questions portion as you knit your swatches.  Waiting till the end to write them will only frustrate you.

2)  Most folks prefer Cascade 220 (worsted-weight wool) in a neutral color to knit their swatches.  So this is what RQ will be using.  (“Never let it be said that I can’t learn from another’s experience….”)

MH received some good stuff in her packet, in addition to her course materials:  a couple of knitting bumper stickers, the Yarn Standards Guidelines pamphlet (which we referred to in the last show), some free patterns, and some great information!  Yay!DSC02386


RQ:  Here is a gauge example that I think is better when seen visually:

These were both made using the modified Widdershins pattern, which I altered to be baby-sized.  I used the exact same needles, casting off the sock on the right, and the next day casting on the one on the left.  The one on the right is made using Socks That Rock lightweight sock yarn in “Bejeweled”.  The one on the left is made using Socks That Rock medium-weight sock yarn in “Valkyrie”.  There are the same number of stitches in each sock.  Now, obviously the difference in size is due to the weight of the yarn, but what a difference!  I’m just glad I was making little sockies and not adult sweaters….


MH’s mom sent us a cool link:  She’s got some really cute dishcloth patterns for download, and they are simple enough for beginners or fun enough to entertain experienced knitters.  MH’s mama just knit one, and it looks great!  Go Mom!  🙂  We’re big fans of our moms — after all, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have this hobby….

(Note:  Designs By Emily is not associated with the creators of this podcast in any way.  It’s just a coincidence.)


Dr. Gemma of the “CogKNITive” podcast, is organizing an alternative to all those knitters who were unable to go to Sock Summit.  We’re pasting all the information in a special tab at the top of this website, which will go away when the Alternative Sock Summit is over, October 10, 2009.  Please email her if you would like to be on the waiting list!  Since this one takes place in Tehachapi, CA, it works for our regional theme. 🙂  (And try out her podcast — it’s really good!)  (EDIT:  Dr. Gemma has emailed to tell me that they are not yet full!  Take advantage of this and go!)


Hey all you knitters with nothing to do, and too much yarn!  🙂  Wanna be a test knitter?  RQ is almost done (re-) designing her Stuffed Sheep Toy, and would really appreciate some feedback before she unleashes it on the unsuspecting public.  If you’re interested, please leave a comment (with your email address), or email us at, or drop a note to us on Ravelry.  We’ll take the first three people who respond, and email you the .pdf in about a week.  Don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to laugh at help test-knit our original patterns in the future!  🙂  And yes, this is a cheap ploy to get more emails.


Tips For Travellers:  (note:  this law can not be confirmed.  If you can find evidence, please send it to us!!)  According to local belief, pedestrians in Clark County, NV (that’s where “The Strip” is located) do not have the right-of-way.  Meaning?  If you are walking along the strip, and decide to cross in the middle of the street, and a car hits you  — you are in the wrong.  That’s right, folks.  Crossing against the light, crossing in any unmarked intersection, or generally crossing where/when you ought not to will put you in the wrong.   This is the only place in the USA that we can think of that has this law.  The belief among locals is that, because we have such a high percentage of intoxicated pedestrians, who make really terrible choices when walking around, it became unfair to punish the locals who were following traffic laws when these people made a mad dash across a busy intersection.  The City has provided MANY options for crossing the street safely:  raised walkways, brightly marked crosswalks, fences and walls along busy areas.  Annoying note about the walls:  we have seen more pedestrians (not always drunk) JUMP OVER THE WALLS AND RUN ACROSS THE STRIP than you could believe.  Our opinion?  They deserve it when someone hits them.  This is Darwinism at work.


Music for this podcast is “Carnival” by Digisphere.

If you’d like to send us an email, you can write to podcast (at) herestoewe (dot) com; or send us a message on Ravelry, either to MaddieHatter or RedQueen


8 Responses to “Episode 4: Open For Business!”

  1. Deb Says:

    Just heard about your Podcast and started listening with this episode. I have been wanting to do the Master Knitter Program for years…listening to you may be what it takes to get me motivated again.
    Now working my way backward through your first three episodes! I’m on Ravelry at JerseyShoreDeb.

    Thanks for a great Podcast.

  2. tatsuling Says:

    And here I thought drunks walking in the street were for bonus points.

    I always love the ones that look at the “Don’t walk” sign and then decide it doesn’t apply to them so they stroll across in front of you after the light turns green in your favor. Then give you “the look” for honking at them to move.

    Seriously, isn’t it jaywalking when you just run across a street like that and illegal for a pedestrian to do anywhere?


  3. tatsuling Says:

    And I had to look it up, NRS 484.327 “Crossing other than at crosswalk”.

  4. Helena Says:

    I love your website which has lots of information. I did look at the dishcloths from Designs by Emily and I’m excited to try them out. They should sell well in October. I’ll let you know how they work out.

    I look forward to more info on your site.

  5. Jean Says:

    I just found your podcast and I love it! You’ve inspired me – I’ve joined TKGA and signed up for the intro course “Basics, Basics, Basics”. Thank you for sharing resources and inspiration with such great enthusiasm and good humor! Great website too.

  6. Miss Knotty Says:

    Hey, I’ll test knit for you, if you still need test knitters. 🙂

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