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Episode 30: Time to Swatch! May 25, 2010

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Listen HERE!


Guess what?  RQ is recording updates about the TKGA Masters Program!  Much to MH’s chagrin.  😉  So grab those needles and follow along!!


2 Responses to “Episode 30: Time to Swatch!”

  1. cmspe (ravelry) Says:

    OK – either I am a genius and did not know it, or I have been doing something horribly wrong in my knitting for years!

    In Episode 30, you discussed how it was impossible, without transferring to scrap yarn, to cast on two socks at a time. I listened to that section several times, and still am not sure if you were talking about toe-up or cuff-down, but I have been casting both types of socks all at once and starting to knit… ever since I heard about two-at-a-time socks.

    I will search around for someone who has a video camera and try to take a video of both methods (as I do it) and post it to You Tube. If I can manage that, I will send you a link. I would love to know if I can be elevated to “genius” or am just crazy!!!


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