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SEASON 2!!! September 29, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — RedQueen @ 10:30 pm

We’re baaaack!


Well, almost.  We’ve recorded, but since we used the system last, every single one of our programs has been “updated.”  !!!  So the files have been edited, and are uploading…  I hope this works….  😉  Stay tuned, loyal listeners!!



4 Responses to “SEASON 2!!!”

  1. KnitNurd Says:

    Ooooh, on my way over to iTunes now to see if it’s ready..wooohoooooo!!!

  2. BioBetty Says:

    Can’t find it. Very sad… sniff

  3. I have missed you ladies so much. Can’t wait to hear the new season.

  4. Beverly Shaw Says:

    I-Tunes doesn’t have it yet. We’ve missed you.

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