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Episode 32: What I did with my Summer Vacation (part 1) October 19, 2010

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Here it is!!

Thank you for all your patience — we had a major computer malfunction two weeks ago, and all the files became trapped in my computer.  😦  (RQ)


4 Responses to “Episode 32: What I did with my Summer Vacation (part 1)”

  1. Jacquie K. Says:

    I just wanted to say Greetings from Fort Wayne, Indiana! I LOVE your Podcast please keep it up!
    I think it is partially because i did not realize real people actually lived in Las Vegas. You know, like when you were a child in grade school and discovered that your teacher did not live in the classroom! LOL!
    Seriously, I HEART you ladies and your wonderful Podcast!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I tried to get this latest episode, and I can’t persuade it to show up however hard I try – any hope you can see if there is a problem with the feed? Mary

    • lisa Says:

      I don’t see on this page WHERE you can listen to the podcast..
      and the new show won’t load on itunes……….
      UGH !!

      • lisa Says:

        ok , so you’re not back ?!
        I wish I could at least get the old podcasts to load off iTunes………. Bummer..

        hope you are all well tho & enjoying that baby 🙂


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