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The companion blog and show notes for the "Here's To Ewe!" podcast.

Summer Hiatus Update August 26, 2010

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Just a little note to reassure everyone that we’re not podfading, although it’s been FOREVER since we’ve recorded.  🙂  We’ve had a very busy few months, and have a TON of stuff to talk about!  Echo, MaddieHatter, and I are very excited to resume recording, and we’re set to launch Season 2 in mid-September (after Labor Day).  We can’t wait to hear from everyone and tell you all about our Summer Vacation!  Love you, miss you, talk to you soon!!



“It sound like fun” July 8, 2009

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MH: So we just recorded our second episode yesterday and it’s been posted today.  I think that it went really well.  It was a lot less intimidating, though I can’t figure out why it’s intimidating when we’re really just talking to ourselves.  Once we listened to the podcast, I realized that in one of the sections, I said “it sounds like fun” more times than I breathed.  So, sorry for that in advance.  I do think it went really well though, and I think that everyone will enjoy it!  So give us more feedback and share us with your friends.  We are having so much fun!


BARF!!!! July 3, 2009

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MH: I can’t believe it’s finally up!  Our first podcast was posted today!  RQ posted the show notes here, but I think that everyone should listen and give us any feedback.  We want to know what you liked, didn’t like, or any other comments you might have.  We are soooooooo excited!  Thank you all for your support, and I hope you all stick around to see what happens next!


July 2, 2009

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MH: So I haven’t been on my computer in a couple of days, so I’m sorry this blog is a bit late.  I have to say that listening to your own voice is really weird.  It was one of the things I really had to get used to.  I think though, that our first episode turned out really great.  Of course, we really do have a lot to learn, and a lot to work on, but I think, for our first time, it was very entertaining.  I hope that everyone laughs with us because there is a lot of laughing going on!  I can’t wait until we get a few more episodes under our belt.  I think we will feel so much more comfortable.  I also think that as soon as we get our materials, we will have a lot more to talk about.  YAY for learning new things!


Stay Tuned…. July 1, 2009

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RQ: After a very long day of hysteria and false starts, we have recorded our first podcast and several promos.  We are having a few people listen to the edited results, and hopefully (!) will be posting this first podcast tonight after work…. Oh, lord.  Techie news:  We are using a Tascam US-144 Interface, one DR-VX1 microphone, and Audacity to record.  The podcast will be launched via LibSyn.  We only have one microphone right now, since we wanted to see how well it worked.  As we are recording in my spacious living room, we didn’t go with a condenser mic, but are using a focused mic.  This seems to be cutting down on the amount of ambient noise in the room, although we do have to work on not kicking the mic stand when we lean in.  Sorry for all the “bong!” sounds as we adjust!  I’ll be posting notes in the tab marked “SHOW NOTES” for anyone who wants to learn more about what we’re up to!


MH has finally made it to the blog! June 29, 2009

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Hello everyone!  I’m MaddieHatter.  So I feel as though I need to start this off by saying thank you to RQ who has done pretty much EVERYTHING for this podcast thus far.  I am sad to admit that I really don’t get all this “fancy” computer stuff.  Anyway, I am getting so excited about our first recording.  It’s almost like Christmas morning, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to sleep tomorrow night….. I guess I’ll just have to buy a redbull…. or 4.  So tonight, I set up the basics to our esty site.  I’m really excited about it.  I just have to figure out how RQ and I are going to work out a few things and then we just need to starting writing patterns and such….. Oh the work that is ahead, but it’s soooooooo worth it!


Semi-progress report June 28, 2009

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RQ: So I’ve purchased a Tascam US-144 audio interface to play with.  Only to discover that the mic I already own is apparently cracked and won’t work.  Boo!  Suck. 😦  So I have to go back to Guitar Center.  Yay! (?)  I’ve fixed the blog so that MH can now edit me (lol!), and she’s been hard at work setting up the future Etsy store, which will be awesome once we actually start writing patterns.  D-Day is quickly approaching.  My dog remains unimpressed.